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Founded in 1987, LGHT has attained 124 patents on crushers & mills over the past 30 years.


To offer you more timely service and solve your puzzles during operation of production lines, we push out the strategy of "Globalization & Localization".

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LGHT gives itself over to the production of crushers and mills, which can be used in aggregate crushing, industrial milling and ore processing fields.


LIGHT integrated service into each segment of the life cycle of every order from pre-sale, in-sale until after-sale, and offers "consultancy" and "manager" service.

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Andesite Crushing Plant In Indonesia

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Rod Mill Grinding Line in China

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What Is The Difference Between Impact Crusher And Cone Crusher In The Second Stage Of Breaking?

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How Much Is The Construction Waste Portable Crusher Plant?

The harm of construction waste should not be underestimated. The accumulation address is slightly random. It is surrounded by construction sites, suburbs, pits, ditches, and landfills. However, regardless of the accumulation method, it will occupy a lot of land resources and pollute the atmosphere and pollution. Water source, saying "it" is "the top of the city" can not be overemphasized.


Stone Crusher's Belt Model And Maintenance Skills

The stone crusher can be used for crushing work in all walks of life, and it is superior in function range to other crushing equipment. However, when the stone crusher breaks some soft materials like clothing, wood, plastic film and many electronic integrated boards, etc., the stone crusher belt runs because the stone crusher belt type is wrong or the equipment is aging or other problems. There will be slippage problems in the process, so how to deal with the slippage problem of the stone crusher belt?


How To Correctly Select The Motor Of The Vibrating Screen

The working principle of the vibrating screen is that the motor drives the V-belt to generate centrifugal inertial force, and the parabolic motion of the material on the screen surface is caused by the amplitude of the vibrator and the vibration of the screen box. The vibration frequency and amplitude of different types of vibrating screens are different, mainly depending on the vibration control strength of the vibrating screen. In the final analysis, the model and power of the motor are different. Today we invited an expert from a vibrating screen manufacturer to tell us how to control the amplitude of the vibrating screen through the choice of the motor.

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